7 months

So I've lied about coming back in a week's time to the blogging world. Like a few months ago (a few months? Ha, yeah right. Let's just put it as 7 months ago to be more precise), I was busy looking for a job. Then I got the job, then I was busy adapting to the working world. Then I've gotten used to my job, I've started becoming busy marking my students' papers. Then by and by, I just realised that I've stopped blogging for 7 months. My friends had to BEG me to come back. It was dead awful. I've become quite lethargic and morose lately. It's like I have this one giant checklist where I tick off the things that I've done and achieved so far. Then there's one thing I haven't achieved yet. That is, getting a guy who wants a solid relationship with me. My love life just sucks. A LOT. But okay, it's not like I'm going to talk about how sucky my love life is, aight? Let's be giddy for awhile and kick ass! So yeah, I love chocolates. Do you like chocolates too? ;)

(Pic above taken from flickr. I'm truly sorry. I forgot the name of the photographer :S).