Weekend off

I apologise again for not updating my posts for quite a long time now. I just need some time away from the blogging world to sit down and carefully draft my resumé. The first time I'm writing it, I feel completely nervous. And I'm definitely nervous for job interviews. But don't worry. I'll be back by next week I promise. Well whatever it is, last Saturday my sister and I baked these gorgeous gingerbread men cookies which I dug out from 'Simply Recipes'. Surprisingly, they taste good. I know it's not Christmas but I've been craving for gingerbread men since last year. They don't even sell gingerbread men here for Christmas. I guess it has something to do with the number of Malaysians who actually eats them. Not many Malaysians are in love with gingerbread men anyways. I guess that explains it. But anyways, yeah see you all around soon :)