Choco Pick of The Week: {Tim Lahan}

Today's CPOTW is graphic designer/illustrator, Tim Lahan. His works are as some people describe, "humorous" with a great eye on "typography". I love the way his very basic designs go hand in hand with his minimalist typography. Simplicity is the way to go as some people say and that is exactly what Tim Lahan is trying to convey in his works. Visit his site to view more of his works.

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Radio bag

This radio transistor bag by ladies and gentlemen is just fab. Let me tell you why. While you could store your paperwork in it, it works as a portable radio too. And I mean it, literally.

The item has been sold out since March 3. I just wish they're going to make dozens more of them.

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Polaroid Love

For the Love of Light: a Tribute to the art of Polaroid features 25 polaroid photographers from 10 different countries with a common love for the art of polaroid. The book is expected to be out in mid-July.

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Paperiaarre Delight

I love these coptic bound sketchbooks with stenciled old fashioned locks and plant illustrated brooch by Paperiaarre.

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Lisa Congdon's Gocco Print

Lisa Congdon has a coupla interesting portfolio. Above is her gocco print 'It's always worth it' which sells at $6 per piece. Visit her website and blog to view more of her artworks.

(via Apartment Therapy San Francisco)

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Confetti Fun

What a festive picture this is. And since the peeps in the picture looked like they were having a great time, I thought I'd post it just to lighten everyone up.

{Photo by slowernet}


Cute Little Softies

These adorable handmade characters are a part of Swedish illustrator, Sandra Juto's collection of softies which are put on sale. Take a browse on her website for more heartwarming little artworks and softies.

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Exotic Monday

I came across these pictures on Flickr and thought that I might want to file them under the tag "exotic". I just love these pictures by Courtney Brooke and Kenzi. They're so pretty!

Choco Pick of the Week: {Liza Corbett}

For those who have been my regular visitors, 'Choco Pick of the Week' is a new segment that will feature works from designers I love around the world. CPOTW will only appear every Friday. So mark that down now. Today's CPOTW features a work from New York-based illustrator and designer, Liza Corbett. Her work as I see it has a grim and absurd outlook of life. Often they can be satirical. In the picture above for instance, we see attractive-looking balloons floating in the midst of industrial pollution, which is a shattering sight to see. Other works depict the issues of domesticity, nature and women (in fact most of her work involve images of women). Visit her website for more of her artworks.


Colourful Day

It's been a long time since I posted on Pink Sherbet Photography. Well to begin the day, here is 'Happy Girls under a Rainbow Umbrella'.


Save the Environment

Here are some interesting ads on environmental campaigns that have piqued my interest:

Black Balloons Energy Saving Campaign

Nat Geo Yo- 'Save Water'

Nat Geo Yo- 'Inorganics'


My monitor is broke down...

{Photo by DW3844}

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This is the real enlightenment book. Surely to give you some light when browsing through your library at night. An ingenious design by Studiomeiboom.

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Introducing...The Lambs

Watch out world. The Powerpuff girls have turned themselves into soft, plushy little lambs. I just love these creatures. They're just too adorable to be true.

{Photo: 'Little Lambs' by soto softies}



"abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz" is a video by Roel and Job Wouters. Job and his nephew Gradus (4 yrs. old) are very ambitious with letters. Spontaneous jam sessions in their studio inspired them to make this video. Directed by his brother Roel.

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Battle for Europe

I love this picture by photobunny. And I love the fact that it was taken for his Macro Mondays theme of "game pieces".


Rest Your Weary Head

This illustration by Wolfie and The Sneak is just so adorable. This piece of artwork sells at $18. (Now I'm multiplying that in my head). The name Wolfie and The Sneak is actually inspired by the designers' cat and dog named 'The Sneak' and 'Wolfgang'. Adorable isn't it?


James Gulliver Hancock

James Gulliver Hancock is a Los Angeles-based artist. Trained in Visual Communications in Sydney, Australia, James quickly took hold of the local art scene, establishing his own network through the gallery SPACE3. His works are concerned with confusions of perception and embraces personal subjectivity. Born to psychologist parents, he draws from the analysis of hyperchondria, obsession and hyper-awareness. His work crosses mediums with a consistent charm, whimsy and poetic graphic sensibility.

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Whites and Greys of Jenni Kayne's

These are among the pieces which I love from Jenni Kayne's 2008 Resort Collection.

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Kim Longhurst

Kim Longhurst is a Durban-based illustrator. I first saw her works on Idn and is intrigued by her multiple layered illustrations and eccentric art. Longhurst has also been included in the book called '200 Best Illustrators Worldwide' published by L├╝rzer's Archive.


Portraits of a Marriage

As the title suggests, Portraits of a Marriage is a photoblog created by Jeff and Lisa which attempts at "documenting" their marriage life. Find out more on their blog by clicking onto the following address:

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Wire Bridge

Hey there, I'm back. After quite a long time disappearing. I just had to post this 'wire bridge' collage by a.tucker just to kickstart things.

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Snail Cookies

How adorable are these snail cookies. Kids are surely going to love these.

{The cookies above are designed by mitsel8}

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With or Without You

I've been wanting to post this for Valentine's but I never had the chance to. 'Without or Without you' is portrayed through the flips of the hearts. 'Without you' is portrayed with the heart hung upside down.