Fantastic composition of uneven, wood colour pencils by Edisson Villegas.


Peeping Tom

I feel like laughing looking at this sign. Looks like Peeping Tom knocked his head on the wall while trying to peep on the ladies.

(via ez2axs)


In the Snow

I love this berkelium picture. It looks like a painting.


Time for Tea

I love this picture by Lulu. For some reason, I'm having some kind of fondness for purple. Makes me want to have tea right at this moment.


Valentine's Cards from Poppytalk Handmade

Valentine's is just a couple of weeks from now. And I'm loving these cards from Poppytalk Handmade.

love hearrt by Modern Printed Matter (Anna Cote)

french fry love by Uccello Curioso

mixed tape card by Rhymes with Twee

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Flip Book Fun

Alas! I'm back. And I'd like to share Computer Art's tutorial on how to make an animation flip book.

(via poppytalk)

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Taking a Week's Leave

Now is the time when I'm feeling all the pressure. The assignment datelines and societal meetings are all coming to me like an avalanche. It's as if they're trying to bury me alive or something. I know I may sound melodramatic but I need to stick my head out the window right now and SCREAM. Boy, am I stressed. Therefore, I'm declaring a week off from the blogging world to focus on whatever I'm supposed to be focusing on. Will be back by Thursday I suppose. And don't forget to check out 3191's latest post. That's right. The year of evenings have just begun.



I insist all of you watch 'Water', the Deepa Mehta film. I just watched the movie for my World Literature class and it has really, really opened my eyes. Water is nothing like your typical Bollywood movies with heroes and heroines running around a big tree and rolling down the hill. It's a story of societal issues, the caste system in 1930s India--how society have deprived and exploited widows. And it's upliftling that, in the midst of depravation, India was given a new hope by the man who would change the fate of the nation, Mahatma Ghandi.

Watch a snippet of 'Water' below:


Rosaura, the little Bunny

I love bunnies. I have two stuffed bunnies in my room. But Rosaura is just so adorable. It looks like it was all ready for the camera, posed near the wall with two hands in the air, saying "Okay, I'm ready! Take me pic!" in a squeaky voice. Alright, I know I sound freaky. Rosaura wouldn't have said that. It's just a toy.

{Photo: 'Rosaura, the little bunny' by helixia}


Necklaces and Postcards

I love this postcard necklace by Glittery Blue. And it seems a perfect gift for Valentine's. I love the sculpted pendant which reminds me of the illustrations found in Chaucer's works (something renaissance-like about it) and not to mention the beautifully sculpted leaves and postcard block. According to Shelley White, the designer of Glittery Blue products, she is an avid collector of vintage clothing and jewellery from the Victorian era to the 1940s, which is no doubt reflected in her products.


Mr. Robot Box

This picture by moaan is so adorable. And I love the way the warm filter brings out the colour of the boxes and the wooden wall in the background. Great job, moaan ;)


Good Luck

I love this art card by two guitars from etsy. It's really cool. Two guitars is a graphic designer turned filmmaker and creates art cards and greeting cards from a Gocco printer. His inspiration is drawn from various obsessions and addictions - namely filmmaking, photography, music and travel. Find out more of his designs by clicking here.


Boys& Girls

Saw this poster designed by The Decoder Ring Design Concern on poppytalk (via the fontfeed). Love the colour, the font, the illustration, the everything.


3191: A Year of Mornings coming to a Year of Evenings

I have just gotten to know about the 3191 duo only just recently this year, from my sister. For those who may have been 3191's regular visitors may have known that the year of mornings have already come to end. How sad. But nevertheless, the year of evenings are starting this January 15th and shall I say, that would be very very soon. And I am very much anticipating for it. So mark January 15 on your calendar folks! Be prepared for the year of evenings :)


Table Cloth with Riddles

Imagine if, you could read riddles off the table cloth while dining with your family and friends. There are 300 riddles to read from and an envelope containing answers to the riddles are also included (but only to be opened in emergency of course). And there are two empty spaces to put plates on. Such a fun idea, isn't it?

(via swissmiss).


DOS Directories on your Cushion!

I know this may be old to talk about. I came across BB-Blog's post (via freshpilot) on the Dosugus Cushion by Art.Lebedev Studio. Those in love with computer programming and would love to have program codes on their cushion, feel free to contact Artemy Lebedev by clicking on his name to get his email address. I already know a particular person who would love to have these DOS directories to sleep on, or perhaps to keep company with.


My Birthday Wishlist

So my birthday's coming up next month in February. And above is my birthday wish list.

*P/S: This wish list is mainly dedicated to my friends and family.
** Make sure you don't buy the same gifts as the others so I wouldn't be receiving 'double gifts'. Make plans.
*** I'd love you to bits and pieces if I get the aforementioned gifts for my birthday this year :)


If Only...

If only my literary books look like these, I'd be happy to read them from cover to cover. Sure thing, if you'd like to purchase one of these, you can get it for $1 from the Strand or you can get them from AbeBooks. But then of course, the drawback of ordering books online is that, you'll have to wait for at least 2 weeks for them to arrive at your doorstep (especially if they come all the way across the ocean). But then again, it's worth the wait, isn't it?

{Books picture courtesy of HI + LOW}


Little Hedgehog with Pink Berries

This little hedgehog picture by apple & eve is so adorable. I love the pink berries on the white surface of the hedgehog. It spells too adorable. If you're interested, visit her photostream to see more of her delightful embroideries. They come in different shapes too!


The Pink Cloud Motel

Okay, I'll have to admit this. If you have been a regular visitor by now, you'll know. My favourite colour is pink. And the reason why I featured this picture is because...well just because there's a smear of pink there. There's a dreamy effect to it. Sort of like a fairyland or something as in, a motel that's almost dreamy-like. Would love to go to this motel one day.

{Photo: 'Pink Cloud Motel' by kpe II}


No Limitations in Art

"No rules, no limitations, no boundaries. It's like an art". Indeed were ajpsc's words when describing his piece of art with clashes of daring whites and reds topped over a neutral background. This picture is entitled 'For the Good Year' and it seems a perfect title for the year 2008 (technically speaking, 2008 has a lot of rounds than ever. Just-- just look at the numbers).

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Pete Goldlust

Gosh. Life has been pretty hectic these days. I hardly have the chance to get online and blog. Too many assignments have been piling up on my desk and I still couldn't get them all done 'till this very day. To cut things short, I'm going to tell you about today's post. I first saw a Pete Goldlust post on itsnicethat and was awed by the way the crayons were carved into meticulous shapes of cubes, zigzags and spirals. These are absolutely cute. Try getting one of these for your 2008 collection ;)


Happy New Year

Goodbye 2007 and welcome 2008. This year means a lot to me since I'm graduating in April. And August is the month of my convocation. I can't wait! But of course, looking back at how I first got here in UIA...I mean it's been 4 years. I'll miss my friends, miss sleeping late at night over the weekends and will definitely miss cranking up on the assignments. Oh God, I'm already getting teary-eyed here. But, whatever it is, happy new year everyone.