Little by Jenny

I love these prints on ‘Little by Jenny’s’ t-shirts. Fantastic. The prints in the pictures above are themed “Dirty Skies with clouds doing their best” and “The Life the Oil Rig Kills”. A reminder of what industries can do to nature. Very deep indeed.

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Mark Tucker's Photography

This Mark Tucker’s picture of a child covering her face is so adorable. I love the combination of colours. They work so well.


Pink is the theme. A pink shovel in the sand and a bottle filled of pink water. I love these pictures by, the award-winning photoblog. Very serene and minimalistic.


Fun with Perspective II: "Souveniers"

"Souveniers" is a creative idea of manipulating ordinary pictures with those tiny little souveniers you've kept on your shelves. I say, bring 'em all out and shoot 'em. You'll have an Eiffel tower strutting out of town!



A very sweet and delicate-looking papercut craft. White adds the sense of delicateness.


Tauba Auerbach

Tauba Auerbach is a sign painter whose works are a clever combination of graphic design and puns with words. These are the works of hers called 'OK's' and 'How to spell the Alphabet'.


Feeling Blue cute. According to Christopher, this dog was hanging around outside cafe trieste in San Francisco looking for someone to love him.



I just found out about this cool website called 'Mopa'. Mopa is an illustration and graphic design studio founded in 2006 in Brazil. One thing which I love about this website is, aside from displaying many many beautiful works of art, is its header which looks absolutely gorgeous.


Introducing...Stefan Lucut

I think I'm one of Stefan Lucut's biggest fan. I love the bright and vivid colours he incorporated in his designs.


To Do List

This is one cool heck of a to-do list.

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Fun with Perspective

These pictures by 'Musely' are taken with a wide angle lens at a small aperture so both foreground and background appear crisp. The biggest challenge is perhaps to hold the dollar bill as symmetrical as possible to the actual buildings. Anyway, great job Musely ;)


Knit Night Cupcakes

What happens if cooking meets sewing? Sounds impossible doesn't it? But teenytinyturkey has managed to turn knits and yarns into cupcakes! How absolutely gorgeous.

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Dark’s Braille Business Card

I am so in love with whatever ‘dark.’ is coming up with. dark. is a London-based design group who does everything ranging from design for print, web designing, project management, product development, audio engineering to event management. Pretty cool stuff, huh? The dark. Braille business card though is not their most recent project but I do believe it’s worth discussing about. I love the stenciled d-a-r-k letters and of course, the brailles. Who knew brailles could be so cute? Simple yet practical and professional-looking.


Exactitudes’s Men in Anoraks

‘Exactitudes’ gives fresh new ideas on photography. Rotterdam-based photographer Ari Versluis and stylist Ellie Uyttenbroek had their subjects posing in similar poses adhering to the same dress codes of different colours. The result is…as you see in the above picture.


Nanette Leopore's Spring Collection '08

Nanette Leopore's 2008 Spring Collection is to die for. I love the combination of colours of pink, orange and lime green. You look at them and you feel like oh my God. I think I'm going back to the 70's where fashion spells floral and vibrant colours.


Major Changes on Blog

I decided that my blog needed some makeover. The old blogskin and header just had to go to welcome the coming New Year. New topics have also been included such as 'Fashion' and 'Photography'. New visitors won't be missing much. It's just that I've decided to become more focused.

Marchand& Meffre's Architectural Photography

Industrial photography has never looked anymore attractive than in Marchand’s and Meffre’s ‘Photography of the Unexpected and Neglected Architecture’. Somehow peeling walls, bulky machines and spiral walls can still be inspiring if you really know how to work your perspective.


3 ½+ 1 ½ Years

Finally, the time has come to bid farewell to my friends who are leaving UIA though I believe my time will be coming soon and I will also be leaving UIA for good and never come back (I do hope so). Well whatever it is, here is my farewell speech to those who are graduating this semester.

To the three wonderful girls: Pckg, Kai and Ezrin.

Believe it or not, 5 years have passed. Little did I know that I would meet and part with these three wonderful people. They were always there when I need them. They were even there for my performances onstage even though I played the minorest (if there’s such a word) character. You dudettes were always there to give me support. Thanks guys =) oh and also thanks for the birthday gifts.

Pckg, my first meeting with you was a shame. I shamelessly asked for your 100 plus when I just knew you at the time! However, coincidentally, we do share similarities despite calling ourselves a package and stuff. We’re both a first child, we’re both really determined, hardworking and a total perfectionist. Being a first child makes us a natural born and diplomatic leader. Isn’t that right? Pckg, you were always there in my ups and downs. I understand that you have bratty brothers such as the one who called to say he got a 4.0 flat and told you that he needed to tell you because you’re a “part of him”. I thought it was downright cute.

Kai, living just a level above your level enabled moi to run to you whenever moi is entangled in emotional disturbances. We’ve done a lot of things together. We spilled secrets to each other. We wrote our first masterpiece together and we do indeed make fun of each other’s hair when they don’t behave. And you told me the story of Pride &Prejudice from start to finish. In details! Remember the Matrics days? Khairiyah, I will always remember you as the one who is ‘fashionably late’, the toiletologist and the liftologist.

Ezrin, you will always be the crazy one. If we’re doing Spice Girls, I might as well call you ‘Scary’. I know you to love villains, goats, sheep and guys who look like they just rolled out of bed and went straight to class (P.s. I love them kind of guys too provided if they’re cute). You and your bold experimentation with colours fascinate me and shall I say, a source of inspiration for my appreciation in art? Although you’re always late for my plays, you came anyway. And that really matters =)

To my other friends:

Farid, Aini, Nadia, Lulu, Ruby, Isz, Ja, Hajar, Dee and the rest (you know who you are;)

Farid, you’re getting married. I can’t believe it. It’s really a shame we only got close when you’re graduating. Such a shame we weren’t that close eons ago.

Aini & Nad, ‘twas great meeting you people and getting to know you (though at times you may think I’m a bit weird and mimsy).

Lulu, I was a bit late to notice that you are not Sue and Sue’s not you. Because I’ve always thought your name was Sue and Sue’s name was Lulu.

Ruby, Isz, Ja—great working with you guys. You guys rock!

Hajar& Dee, you guys are so cool. I love you to bits and pieces.

(The rest—whose names are not mentioned here. That might be due to the fact that you’re graduating next semester with me or I simply forgot who else is graduating this semester—I’m so sorry. Do inform me if I left out anybody).

Bubble picture by Dooce.



I'm loving the costumes of Stardust. Specifically the dresses Claire Danes and Sienna Miller wore in the movie. Just look at the details at the lower part of their dresses. I can't help oogling over the swirling ruffles as Danes and Miller walk. Simply breathtaking and irresistible. I love 'em.

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