These Are Pictures

I’ve been busy these days. Haven’t got the sodding time to post new blogs. But I do believe I made a promise to post my pictures. Well here they are. This is it. The moment to reveal my…pictures (I refuse to call them my ‘masterpiece’ or my ‘babies’ due to unaccounted reasons). The pictures are all taken by an SLR manual camera, which explains the not-so-good quality of the pictures.

Title: 30 minutes before Sunset

What it was supposed to be: Silhouette (I know. I didn’t get it quite right. But whatever).

I took this picture from the sports complex when people were jogging on the tracks (my roomie was one of them) and people were playing tennis on the courts if I’m not mistaken. I had my camera on my tripod, which was on a bench (just to tell you how silly I was) and snapped this picture approximately around 30 minutes before sunset.

Title: The Unfinished Building

What it was supposed to be: Silhouette

I’ve always wandered whatever happened to the building on that top of the hill. Why is it left unfinished? It seems all a bit mysterious to me so I decided to take a picture of it during sunrise. That’ll give a dramatic effect to it. When I showed this to my photography lecturer, I remember him telling me that I shouldn’t focus too much on the sky. But I do want to focus on the sky. I wanted to focus on the clouds.

Title: Between Two Cultures

What it was supposed to be: Architecture probably?

I did not include this picture in my portfolio. But this was taken in the oldest temple in KL so I was told. What I was trying to depict here is the cross between two cultures-- one is the East and the other is the West. You can see that through the distinctive curve-like roof of the temple and the 13 storey building.

Title: Beyar!

What it was supposed to be: Macro photography

This wasn’t my favourite picture. I don’t really like the colour. Wish I had taken a more bright coloured object than my teddy bear. And just…oh! I forgot to arrange the name nicely! That’s just so hideous…

Title: The Heritage

What it was supposed to be: Blurring the motion

I took this picture because I like to shop and so it’s fascinating to see people pass by shops especially attractive shops like these. And it’s so colourful. I just couldn’t resist pressing the snap button.

Title: Warni

What it was supposed to be: Portraiture

She has no zits at all. That’s tad unfair. But this is ‘the’ most successful portraiture pictures I’ve taken so far. It’s so upclose you can see right through her nose (kidding). It just fills the whole picture.