7 months

So I've lied about coming back in a week's time to the blogging world. Like a few months ago (a few months? Ha, yeah right. Let's just put it as 7 months ago to be more precise), I was busy looking for a job. Then I got the job, then I was busy adapting to the working world. Then I've gotten used to my job, I've started becoming busy marking my students' papers. Then by and by, I just realised that I've stopped blogging for 7 months. My friends had to BEG me to come back. It was dead awful. I've become quite lethargic and morose lately. It's like I have this one giant checklist where I tick off the things that I've done and achieved so far. Then there's one thing I haven't achieved yet. That is, getting a guy who wants a solid relationship with me. My love life just sucks. A LOT. But okay, it's not like I'm going to talk about how sucky my love life is, aight? Let's be giddy for awhile and kick ass! So yeah, I love chocolates. Do you like chocolates too? ;)

(Pic above taken from flickr. I'm truly sorry. I forgot the name of the photographer :S).


Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone. I'm back after centuries hiding in the middle earth. I kid. Of course I've been busy with work I haven't had the time to blog. Latest news about me is...(well I'm quite aware that nobody wants to know but I'd still like to tell anyway) I am now working at my ever beloved university, IIUM as a part-time English tutor. Then used to be a student there. Now, a teacher. I know it's odd but still! I love the job so much. So there, enough about me. The charming picture above is taken from i am krisan's photostream. Check out her photos by clicking on 'i am krisan's photostream'. I bid you all farewell now and Happy Halloween again.


The History Boys

Feeling a bit literary today, I decided to write on the adapted Brit movie 'The History Boys'. Set in the early 80's in Cutler's Grammar School in Sheffield, a fictional grammar school in north England, The History Boys centres on the group of history pupils preparing for the Oxbridge entrance examinations under the guidance of three teachers-- Hector, Irwin and Lintott all with contrasting teaching styles. Hector despises exams and encourages his pupils to use their imagination to understand History. Through an unconventional way of teaching, Hector had also assigned them reading materials which will not come out in their exams (which was a bit of a laugh there). Irwin on the other hand is the total opposite of Hector, who believes that education is calculative and is focused on getting his pupils to write essays backed up by facts and evidence that would engage the examiners' interest. Lintott tries to invoke feminist ideas in history. Enough of my brief summary there. You might want to catch the movie yourself. Perhaps get a DVD of it.

(Photo by Chris John Beckett)


Weekend off

I apologise again for not updating my posts for quite a long time now. I just need some time away from the blogging world to sit down and carefully draft my resumé. The first time I'm writing it, I feel completely nervous. And I'm definitely nervous for job interviews. But don't worry. I'll be back by next week I promise. Well whatever it is, last Saturday my sister and I baked these gorgeous gingerbread men cookies which I dug out from 'Simply Recipes'. Surprisingly, they taste good. I know it's not Christmas but I've been craving for gingerbread men since last year. They don't even sell gingerbread men here for Christmas. I guess it has something to do with the number of Malaysians who actually eats them. Not many Malaysians are in love with gingerbread men anyways. I guess that explains it. But anyways, yeah see you all around soon :)


Sarah Kane

Wow...the first time I browsed through Sarah Kane's portfolio, I was stunned. She's got some great portfolio I don't feel like I want to get out of there. Featured above is taken from the 'Everything Else' section.


Wild Wild West

This particular shot from Trevor is a recreation of a drawing scene from a wild wild west movie. Using toys as his props and shooting from the angles that would bring back memories of such "cheesy classic scene", Trevor has managed to bring the picture come to life. Art is after all, wonderful.

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Jeff Kulak

I'm loving the artworks of Jeff Kulak. They can be both charming and humorous.

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The nubrella is an Alan Kaufman invention which is "worn with a harness, and closes around its user like a clear, private cocoon, guaranteed never to turn inside out". Seems like a brilliant idea and it does make the wearer look sophisticated in it. And it is effective to avoid your hair from getting wet, or allows you to talk on the phone without having to hold an umbrella. However, it's not that effective to cover the wearer from head to toe. Expensive suits will surely be drenched in the rain and that brings about the question as to how convenient nubrellas are.

(via swissmiss)


The Impossible Art of Li Wei

Chinese artist Li Wei has produced a baffling series of self-portraits that seem physically impossible. What seems even more baffling is that the photographs were not created using Photoshop. Li Wei started off his performance series ‘Mirroring’ and later on took off attention with his ‘Falls’ series which pictures the artist with his head and chest embedded into the ground. His work is a mixture of performance art and photography that creates illusions of a sometimes dangerous reality. Li Wei states that these images are not computer montages and works with the help of props such as mirrors, metal wires, scaffolding and acrobatics. Check out his website at http://www.liweiart.com/ for more extreme photos.

(via hemmy.net and Buzz Feed)

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Choco Pick of The Week: {Sara De Bondt}

This week's CPOTW is London-based Belgian graphic designer, Sara De Bondt. Sara studied graphic design at Sint-Lukas, Brussels (B), Universidad de Bellas Artes, Granada (ES) and Jan van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht (NL). Her designs can sometimes be a reminiscent of the minimalist 60's designs which had typewritten, stenciled-like typography and washed out colour images.

This is taken from one of the series of her self-published postcards entitled 'Letters'.
Sara's design for 'Out of the Ordinary:Spectacular Craft' (2007), an exhibition graphics and catalogue for V&A Museum.